plant it, with hope.


track listing:

1. they're cheering for you

2. it's now a badge

3. there may be a chorus

4. this song is a seed

5. the answer is no

6. on every march 9th

7. pretend we're on the phone

8. because you taught me to




...and now, you'll live forever


track listing:

1. ...and now, you'll live forever

2. more populous than grains of sand

3. all the world is throwing rocks

4. i didn't dry your eyes part two

5. this town ain't paris, france you know

6. one billion words

7. a map is not required

8. no stars, no cards, no lines





our story now begins...


track listing:

1. the car is coming closer

2. just as it arrives it leaves

3. no bread crumbs

4. people grow from trees

5. a note that reads

6. that's my way of keeping track of time

7. i didn't dry your eyes

8. this is not a song